6 Body Positivity Trends That Cancelled "New Year, New You"

6 Body Positivity Trends That Cancelled "New Year, New You"

Society's beauty ideals have grown so far from what we actually look like - but the movements against them have grown too.


Traditionally, you'd probably be told this time of year that it's time for a "new you." Without any seeking, you'd stumble on ads and articles like, "How to Lose the Holiday Weight and Get in Shape." But this year, we already have a fitness magazine apologizing for suggesting to work out to "burn off Christmas calories." New Year, New You is cancelled.

We'd like to thank these 6 Body Positivity trends that helped us get here:


1) Glitter Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a sign of growth and life, and 80% of us have them. There is no clear evidence that any treatment during pregnancy can prevent them, and there is no treatment to get rid of them once they are formed - yet we still try. It's even rumored that Ancient Greeks and Romans made oil remedies to treat stretch marks - so their acceptance has been a long time coming.

Digital artists like @SarahShakeel and her page @glitterstretchmarks are making tiger striped bodies works of art. We're loving it, and so is everyone else: Sarah now has over a million followers.

Glitter Stretch Marks Body Positivity


2) Acne Positivity has broken out

acne positivity flowers face no makeup

We’re so used to seeing filtered faces that when we look at our own, it’s easy to feel shame and anxiety if our skin isn't perfect. But the truth is, no one's skin is perfect.

85% of young adults, and 25% of women over 30 experience acne. It’s mind boggling that clear skin was made to feel like the only socially acceptable skin. But for the past five years, body image activists have been advocating for skin positivity. In the viral YouTube video You Look Disgusting, @mypaleskin called out some of the body-shaming comments she received from trolls online - a call to action. Influencer Lou Northcote launched #freethepimple and now tens of thousands are sharing real, unedited photos of themselves to normalize what's already normal: acne.


3) Size Inclusivity

flower stretch marks body positivity plus size lingere


Did you know? The body positivity movement actually started in 1967 with a protest consisting of 500 people eating, burning diet books and carrying photos of Sophia Loren. Wish we could have been there.

The average American woman is size 14 - 18. 68% of women wear a size 14 or above. At Hidden Intimates, we were tired of watching other lingerie brands not offer inclusive sizing and excluding accurate representation of real women. Shop sizes 14 and up here.

4) Januhairy

Image: @fenellafox

Did you know? It was unheard of to remove underarm or leg hair in the United States until Gillette created a female market for razors in 1908. They heavily advertised that underarm and leg hair was "offensive" and "unclean" in women's magazines. It worked.

It is strange to think that existing in your natural state can be seen as offensive, or even political - but female body hair can do just that.

With Januhairy and Miley Cyrus spurring an armpit hair dye/glitter trend - to shave or not to shave has become a question we didn't seem to be asking much before.

Many women gave up on hair removal during quarantine. After not shaving for months, getting back to it and spending a half hour or more shaving your entire body does leave you to question, "What the hell did I just do all that for?"

And while we still have a long way to go for female body hair to be generally accepted, almost 1 in 4 women under 25 no longer shave their armpits.


5) Freckle Filters

Freckles: a body positive movement success story. While it may not be so for every culture, in the United States, freckles, once something to be teased about, are now a covetable feature and fashion trend. Just check your SnapChat filters.


6) Boobs looking like boobs

Wolf & Whistle Loungewear Jessica Megan

Image: @jess_megan_

While the bra may have been the least worn item of clothing in 2020, a more natural look has been a rising trend as push-ups have been downtrending for years. At Hidden Intimates, we only sell comfortable bras - that means no wires. Our bras have the right support with inclusive sizing from 30 - 48 bands up to G cup. Shop our comfy bralette collection here.

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