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      Hidden Thoughts

      Hidden History of Lingerie

      Hidden History of Lingerie
      Lingerie has always been closely tied to women's beauty standards. We've come a long way from corsets made of bones and metal... or have we? Here are 5 fun facts you probably didn't know about the history of lingerie.

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      5 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

      Valentine's Day Red Lingerie + Romantic Gift Ideas
      Romantic lingerie + gift ideas for Valentine's Day. From classic red lacy lingerie to experiential gifts - find something to celebrate love and romance this year.

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      Self-Care with Inner Workout

      Hidden Intimates Inner Work
      Face masks, bubble baths and a glass of wine...these are trendiest ways to tackle #selfcare, but there’s more to it. We interviewed Taylor Morrison, founder of Inner Workout, for some advice on effective self-care practices.

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