6 Timeless Halloween Costume Ideas, Styled with Timeless Lingerie

7 Sexy Creative Halloween Costumes Styled with Lingerie

At Hidden Intimates, we understand the female gaze. We know that lingerie is not just meant to look sexy for someone else. Lingerie doesn't just enhance romance with your partner, but it can also romanticize our own day-to-day lives.

I've put together costume inspiration so you can express your self and sensuality this Halloween. You don't have to buy a packaged Halloween costume you'll wear once that will probably fall apart at the end of the night. Make your own sexy Halloween costume that is uniquely you, with quality lingerie pieces you can wear again and again, in and out of the bedroom.

Get creative with these 7 classic Halloween costume ideas, styled with timeless lingerie.

Pink Witch

Break the stereotype - not all witches wear black!

Oh La La Cheri Lia Embroidered Teddy Halloween Costume Pink Witch Hidden Intimates


Masquerade Mystique

Keep a little hidden, and a little to the imagination with sheer lingerie and a masquerade mask.

Couples Sexy Masquerade Mask Costume Styled with Lingerie - Hidden Intimates

Couples Sexy Masquerade Mask Costume Styled with Lingerie - Hidden Intimates

Roaring Twenties Flapper Fantasy

Choose your favorite accessories of the flapper era. Feathers, pearls, dark eye make-up and headpieces all embrace the spirit of the 1920s with its emphasis on freedom, movement, and individuality.

Roaring 20s Sexy Flapper Costume Styled with Lingerie - Hidden Intimates


Fridha Kahlo

Pay homage to the legendary artist and feminist icon, Fridha Kahlo, known for her striking self-portraits adorned with butterflies, floral crowns and vibrant colors. By embodying Frida Kahlo this Halloween, you not only celebrate her unique style but also pay tribute to her resilience, empowerment, and unapologetic self-expression. Frida's life and art are a testament to the power of embracing one's true self.




Royalcore Queen Regalia

"Royalcore" is a fashion and aesthetic style characterized by a love for opulence, grandeur, and regal elements. It combines vintage and historical fashion with modern sensibilities to create a look that's both elegant and extravagant.
Royalcore often includes luxurious fabrics, elaborate details, and accessories reminiscent of royalty, such as tiaras, crowns, velvet, lace, and rich, jewel-toned colors.

Royalcore Lingerie Kilo Brava Ruby Wine Floral Embroidered Bodysuit at Hidden Intimates

Follow our Royalcore board on Pinterest for more inspiration:

Royalcore Pinterest Board - Hidden Intimates

Romantic Renaissance Couples

The Renaissance era is synonymous with romance, and our lace-up corset-style lingerie is the perfect foundation for a romantic couples costume. From Romeo and Juliet to historical figures, the Renaissance offers endless inspiration for couples' costumes. Mix and match your choices to create a unique and romantic pair.

Romantic Renaissance Couples Costume With Lace Up Corset Lingerie at Hidden Intimates


Whether you're exploring masquerade mystique, channeling the Roaring Twenties, paying tribute to Frida Kahlo, embracing Royalcore, or becoming a part of a romantic Renaissance love story, our lingerie is your canvas for self-expression.

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