What is Naked Dressing

What Is Naked Dressing?


Naked dressing is when clothing shows more than it hides. It is quite literally what it sounds like: sheer, skin tight, skin tone and barely there clothing. But, did you know that provocative dressing surges in correlation with women's movements?

The more women's bodies are controlled, the less clothes women wear. Starting with the mini skirt in the 1960s when women campaigned for birth control access, to Roe v. Wade being overruled this year - fashion has followed with shorter skirts, ultra low-rise denim and sheer dresses.


Provocative Fashion surges with women's movements 


The point of the new nakedness [fashion trend] is not to provide viewing pleasure, but rather a form of self-pleasure.

- Zoe Latta


With censorship of the women's body by social media companies, especially the nipple, naked dressing is a way to reclaim your body and feel empowered. You are making a statement that your body is perfectly fine just the way it is - and you decide who gets to see it.

Kilo Brava Lace Underbust Bustier

Kilo Brava Lace Underbust Bustier


1. The Sheer Dress


Sheer Long Sleeve Black Dress

Long Sleeve Studded Sheer Dress

Wear something underneath, or don't. Get as naked as you like with the sheer long sleeve dress.

Styled underneath: Sheer Feather Bodysuit


2. Cut Outs

What's your favorite part of your body? What do you want to reveal? Shop our cut out collection. Try wearing a bralette, the Shelby as a top on its own, with denim or a skirt.

 Cut Out Lingerie

 Tutti Rouge Shelby Bralette & Thong

3. Leather

A simliar naked dressing trend is Fetishcore. It's about embracing your sexuality, and of course, your fetishes. Try some faux leather, thigh high boots and lots of straps. 

Oh La La Cheri Charisse Faux Leather Strap Back Chemise

 Charisse Faux Leather Chemise


We're not always the trend-following type, but we can really get behind naked dressing - telling everyone your body is perfectly fine the way it is, and you get to decide when and who sees it. We hope you feel empowered to try this trend, too!


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