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    Hidden Thoughts

    Happy National Lingerie Day!

    Hidden Intimates Lela Silk National Lingerie Day
    It seems there is a National Day for everything now but this is one of many days Hidden Intimates is especially excited to embrace. Lingerie has the power to bring out the confidence in a woman, which is truly the most beautiful thing that any of us can wear.

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    We Love Flora Nikrooz

    Hidden Intimates Flora Nikrooz Sleep Set
    Designer Spotlight: Flora Nikrooz. Combining silk and satins, pretty prints and lacy details - her luxury lingerie is meticulously made. Whether it is getting ready for your big day, or just getting ready for bedtime - you’ll feel sophisticated, beautiful and comfortable.

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    Thank YOU

    hidden intimates sleep shirt
    Hidden Intimates is now open! To all of our followers and readers, thank you for being here. We're excited to finally say happy shopping!

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    Kate Sisk Flo Mcilwaine Hidden Intimates
    A beautiful story is in the making. I am thrilled to be around to watch it unfold and even more so to help share that story.

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