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      Hidden Thoughts

      Women with a Cause: Angel Energy

      Hidden Intimates Sarah Ripoli Angel Energy
      Here at Hidden, we celebrate women - not only their bodies and what we put on them, but their stories too. When we met Sarah Ripoli, co-founder of Angel Energy, we were instantly inspired - and want to share her story with you.

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      Eberjey on What Makes a Woman Truly Beautiful

      Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito Eberjey
      Two friends in their twenties, Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, set out in 1996 to create lingerie that was the antithesis of the typical lingerie brand’s va-va-voom image. Find out what they believe makes a woman truly beautiful.

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      We Love Blush Lingerie

      Blush Lingerie Underwear Hidden Intimates
      Blush Lingerie shows us that comfortable can be sexy, ethical and affordable. And that lingerie should be a tool of self-love, not seduction.

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      An Intimate Gathering

      Hidden Intimates Pop-Up Event Kate Sisk Flo Mcilwaine
      A lingerie party! Hidden Intimates hosts their first pop-up event in Philadelphia. Check out the recap for photos.

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