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    Hidden Thoughts

    Mother's Day

    Hidden Intimates Mother's Day Gift Guide Kate Sisk
    This Mother’s Day, we want to thank all the moms out there for everything they do. For giving us life, and for guiding us through it.

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    Happy National Lingerie Day!

    Hidden Intimates Lela Silk National Lingerie Day
    It seems there is a National Day for everything now but this is one of many days Hidden Intimates is especially excited to embrace. Lingerie has the power to bring out the confidence in a woman, which is truly the most beautiful thing that any of us can wear.

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    We Love Flora Nikrooz

    Hidden Intimates Flora Nikrooz Sleep Set
    Designer Spotlight: Flora Nikrooz. Combining silk and satins, pretty prints and lacy details - her luxury lingerie is meticulously made. Whether it is getting ready for your big day, or just getting ready for bedtime - you’ll feel sophisticated, beautiful and comfortable.

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