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Cara Litvack

Summer intern for Hidden Intimates, copywriting student and shopping addict. She believes that every woman is beautiful the way she is.

We’re proud of the brands we carry

– and we want you to be proud of what you wear. That’s why we’re sharing the stories and details behind our favorite by women, for women brands: starting with Blush Lingerie

Join us in diving into what makes these designers so special!

BLUSH IS MADE FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN. Lingerie should help women celebrate their body, their sexuality, their true self, no matter where life takes them, and should be an expression of self-love instead of a tool of seduction."

- Blush Lingerie
Blush Lingerie Oasis Bralette and Panty

We were originally drawn to Blush because of the quality and beauty of their lingerie – perfectly blending femininity and edge. 

When we really began looking into the brand and saw their affordability, message of women empowerment, and ethical promise, we realized Blush was more than their pretty lace and sultry mesh; they were a powerhouse for change, and we wanted in.

Blush Lingerie Bound Bodysuit

Blush is a by women, for women brand built around the idea that lingerie is an instrument of self-love for the wearer, contrary to the often-held assumption that lingerie is only for the pleasure of the partner who sees it. We love this message of reclaiming the power of the pieces most intimate to us – and we want every Hidden Lady to remember how powerful she is.

In a time of fast fashion and exploitation, it can be hard to find ethical clothing brands that make beautiful pieces while still being affordable; but Blush holds true to their commitment.

Blush Lingerie Ethical Promise

Your intimates have more power than you think -

 the power to ensure fair workplaces, and the power to lift your confidence by celebrating who you are, the way you are. 

Blush Lingerie micro trim hipster

Blush Lingerie challenges the idea that ethical practices lead to a higher price tag, however with more brands joining this mission, change is coming in the apparel industry.

We love being a part of these movements, and invite you to join us by shopping Blush Lingerie.

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