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Divorcées & Lingerie: Amber

Divorcées & Lingerie

Hidden Intimates Kate Sisk

Kate Sisk
Co-founder of Hidden Intimates

We've launched a new series featuring three brave ladies who will share their stories of marriage and divorce with us. Catch it from the beginning here.

This week,we're sharing 

Amber's Story

Amber met Luke in college, and with time, they decided the natural next step in their relationship was marriage. But with more time, they realized they were trying to make something work that was not meant to be.

For seven years, she made many decisions for them as a couple, and not for herself, including lingerie she thought he would like but was not comfortable for her. She felt she had lost her individuality.

Meet the new amber

It Suits You Bodysuit

After her divorce, she has gained back her individuality. She does and wears what feels good for her. 

Amber's tips on creating the new you

Eberjey India Cami

DO You

Stop doing things that make you feel uncomfortable because you think it will make someone else happy, or love you more.  

You don't have to suffer through high heels if you prefer flats. Your intimates can be soft and unpadded. Looking like "you" is beautiful.

Be Sexy Panty


There are many different chapters and plot twists in life. Try new things. Make new memories. When you start choosing things that are "you," - you can create your own happily ever after.

The girls

We all can attest to the importance of girlfriends and being surrounded by love when we go through any sort of break-up. Lean on them. 

We're hosting an intimate gathering in just a few weeks to celebrate new beginnings - RSVP now to join!

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Step one is healing, but step two is getting your sexy back - and we can help with that ;)

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