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We've launched a new series featuring three brave ladies who will share their stories of marriage and divorce with us. This week, we're sharing my mom's story. Catch it from the beginning here

For a while, it felt like every day for her was just about surviving. At some moments, I feared this was my new and permanent mother.  But, there was a turning point. Conversations became less about how to go on and more about how she was filling her days with exciting plans for her new life.

When we go through something hard, we learn about ourselves, and come out stronger. So we're sharing what we learned - the top ways to get over divorce.

top 3 ways to bounce back

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Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Lean on your loved ones. 

My mom's number one answer of what got her through it: friends and family. Shedding tears on late night phone calls to a listening ear. And lots of hugs.


What do you love? Find out and do it, and do it often.

My mom has always been passionate about her garden and creating beautiful floral arrangements. 

Creating something can help you express yourself - not neccessarily through words.  It gives us something to be proud of ourselves for - when we can look back and see the beautiful thing we just created.

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New Clothes, New You

While we do believe what’s on the inside is what counts, taking care of your outside makes the whole you shine brighter. So love yourself, inside and out. 

Wear beautiful things, whether for someone else to see, or just to make yourself smile when you look in the mirror.

The grass is greener where you water it.

Divorce can affect your confidence.  But when you're ready to take it back, my mom shares some inspiration - and a reminder that confidence is a mindset.

Step one is healing, but step two is getting your sexy back - and we can help with that ;)

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