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Divorcées & Lingerie

Divorcées & Lingerie

Hidden Intimates Kate Sisk

Kate Sisk
Co-founder of Hidden Intimates

For 26 years, I had only known that my mother and my father were married. Then one day, that was no longer true. 

We had no idea how to go about our lives - it felt like all the pieces of our family were thrown up into the air, and we were constantly scrambling to pick up the pieces. 

I can only imagine that is also how my mother's heart felt - constantly picking up the pieces and trying to put herself back together. I tried my best to be her rock every day.  

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And I am happy to say, over the past two years, she has been finding herself, her confidence and her happiness again.

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How did she do it?  

Well, we are not going to keep that hidden!  

So, as a topic near to my heart, over the next four weeks, three brave ladies will share their stories of their marriage and divorce. 

They will share  their journeys of taking all the love they were used to giving to their partner, and giving it to themselves.  They'll share tips for getting over a break-up from indulging in hobbies to boudoir shoots. We'll explore their relationship with lingerie as their relationships have changed.

Meet The Divorcées

Divorce sucks. I know it can feel like a dark place you might never get out of, but you can. And I hope these stories inspire anyone who finds them, that you can find the light again in yourself.

Hidden Intimates Kate Sisk Jasmine McGriff

Step one is healing, but step two is getting your sexy back - and we can help with that ;)

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Thank you for sharing your stories! You are all brave, beautiful, strong, and inspiring❤️


Love the topic! Photos are provocative, yet very tasteful. Great job! Looking forward to reading all the stories, as I too have a divorce in my past. Thank you!


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