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We Love Amoralle

Designer Spotlight: AMORALLE

Hidden Intimates Kate Sisk

Kate Sisk
Co-owner of Hidden Intimates

Here to share stories about our favorite styles and designers - and all the hidden details that make these pieces so special.

We love Amoralle!

An Amoralle robe was the first piece of luxury lingerie I’ve bought for myself. I wear this piece when I want an extra boost of dopamine, or inspiration.  The silk is one of the softest things I’ve put on my skin, and I thank myself every time I see it hanging in my closet. My eyes thank me, my skin thanks me, and my heart thanks me.


Hidden Intimates Amoralle

What originally drew us to Amoralle was the whimsical beauty of the collection - the combination of colors, silk, lace... and the femininity  of it all.

Hidden Intimates Amoralle

 Each piece is handmade in Europe - all while listening to classical music - because every detail counts.

Amoralle's philosophy is to bring a timeless femininity into the daily life of every woman."

Inese Ozola, originally based in Latvia, launched Amoralle in 2008.  Her signature: femininity, luxury and natural confidence. Her award-winning womenswear brand has now gained international recognition from Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.

Hidden Intimates Inese Ozola Amoralle

We Love Amoralle!

We are so honored at Hidden Intimates to be carrying this timeless, luxury lingerie brand.

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