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Hidden Intimates is OPen

Megan Bickings
Blogger for Hidden Intimates

Megan is here to share a perspective with you other than our own on what Hidden Intimates is all about. Megan is a talented writer, one of our supporters, and has been a part of our village since day one.

Today marks a major milestone for Hidden Intimates. With grateful hearts, we are officially open for business. While today is the start of a new chapter, it is hardly the beginning and far from the end. Before we dive headfirst into the next segment of this adventure, there are many helping hands to be acknowledged.

Thank you to Madalynne, owner of Madalynne Intimates. As a fellow lingerie entrepreneur, she was a major support; providing wisdom gained through her own experience and allowing Hidden to borrow her studio for photo shoots. We could not have done it without her!

A special thanks to our beautiful models: Danaeé, Roni, Lauren, Angela, Maria, Cate, Gabrielle and Taylor. For their poise and talent in representing what Hidden has to offer. Each woman portrayed the products in a unique way, and it is our hope that others out there can see how talented they truly are.  Take a look for yourself!

Last, but most certainly not least, thank you to the friends and family who provided emotional and moral support in the days leading up to this moment. As we acknowledge this achievement, we realize this is one step along Hidden Intimates’ journey. Without the love and support we have received, none of this would be possible.


To all of our followers and readers, thank you for being here. You have been a continuous source of motivation. 

We're excited to finally say...   

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