Hidden Intimates Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Kate Sisk

Owner, Hidden Intimates

Need some gift-giving inspiration?

 Our gift guide will point you in the right direction for every lady in your life - including yourself!


You can't go wrong with the Flora Nikrooz Teddy Slippers - adorable, soft and perfectly priced at $20.

Handmade silk sleep shirt

Who doesn't want to look cute on Christmas morning?  This red button-up, silk sleep shirt with white piping is a classic.  

Why it's a great gift: 

It's handmade in Hanoi, fabrics are sourced and sewn in-house by local artisans and designers - PJs she can feel good in, both inside and out. 

Playful Promises Velvet Pajamas

She's ambitious. She knows what she wants, and takes charge.  For her, we recommend the Playful Promises Velvet Pajamas.

Why it's a great gift: 

With it's stunning velvet shine and wrap front blazer silhouette - she'll feel like she can take on the world (even in her PJs).

Amoralle 100% silk robe

For the timeless and feminine woman, who chooses the highest quality - Amoralle's Glossy Gown will not disappoint. 

Why it's a great gift: 

Each of these 100% silk robes is handmade in Europe while listening to classical music. 

Tutti Rouge Eva Lace Bodysuit

We feel strongly about self-love, sharing... and this black lace bodysuit.  

Why it's a great gift: 

With the Eva Lace Bodysuit - you'll not only be treating yourself - but whoever gets to see you in it will be getting the gift of your beautiful "presents." ;)

We hope you found the perfect gift! 

And we have so many more choices...

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