3 Ways Women Can Reclaim Their Bodies

3 Ways Women Can Reclaim Their Bodies

The world has a lot to say about women's bodies. This Women's Month, we want to talk about reclaiming them.

From beauty standards to dress codes and laws - it sometimes feels like the bodies that we live in don't fully belong to us. Like our bodies are here to be viewed, and not lived in. Here are 3 ways women can reclaim their bodies, and their joy:

 How Women Can Reclaim Their Bodies


1) Embrace your body, as it is now.

Women's bodies have been judged and controlled for lifetimes. A narrow idea of beauty has been pushed onto women through media, advertisements - even doctors, family and friends.

The thing is, we are almost all aware of this by now. But we still spend time and emotional energy on doubting ourselves, trying to "fix" our bodies, and worrying that nothing will ever be good enough.

This is Be a Lady They Said

But what if we stopped listening, stopped fearing the judgement, and embraced ourselves as we are now?

What if we stopped comparing ourselves to others and the beauty standard?



How to embrace your body now:

Think of all the joy we could reclaim in our lives if we embraced the bodies we lived in. If instead of thinking about what others could judge us for, or how to better fit the beauty standard - we become a part of changing and destroying the standards together.

So take that selfie in your lingerie, do a boudoir session. Forget about dieting. It has been proven time and again that it does not work. It is not you, and there is nothing wrong with your willpower or body. Eat what you want and don't wait to buy clothes you feel confident in when you "reach your goal weight." Follow body positive influencers, and unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Embrace your body now, because it's the only one you have, and it is beautiful. 

Embrace your body

2) Own your pleasure.

There is a fear of stigmatization around women enjoying sex, and it can sometimes feel taboo to talk about it. What we have learned, or not learned, and what we see in the media and in education often prioritizes male pleasure, or leaves out female pleasure and anatomy entirely.

Women Owning Their Pleasure

The Pleasure Gap

This stigmatization doesn't go without consequences - women are having fewer orgasms than men. Less than 30% of women, and over 90% of men reach orgasm during mixed-sex sexual activity.

"Pleasure is your birthright. Craving pleasure is innate. But talking about, seeking, and experiencing pleasure is stigmatized... you are entitled to feel good, to learn, to be empowered, and to explore all the pleasure life has to offer.” - mypleasurist.com

How to Own Your Pleasure Women

How to own your pleasure

Ditch the sexual script! Have a conversation with yourself and your body. Understand what feels good for you. If you already know what feels good for you - communicate that with your partner if you have one. It's more than ok to be assertive about what you want.

Did you know that regular orgasms improve both mental and physical health? Learn about your own biology and what could feel good for you. Understand that pleasure is something you can learn and give to both yourself and others, equally.


3) Wear whatever you want

Navigating between being perceived as slutty or a prude is a line for women that is all too thin. It's a tightrope - especially for women with larger chests.

@noemi.com.mx This goes out to every teacher, church leader, stranger, and family member that ever said something about covering up. #puritycultureistoxic ♬ original sound - rclbeauty101

How to reclaim your body and self through what you wear:

It might feel like you can never get it right. But, there is no right way to look, dress or be. Wear what makes you feel happy. Let yourself and other women feel and have the freedom to do the same.

Don't feel like you have to hide your body if you want to wear something that shows your skin. Afraid of being judged as a "slut?" Go back and read #2 on this list. Afraid you don't have the right body type to wear it? Go back to #1 on this list.

Just be YOU. Not just for you, but for women everywhere. Let's do it together. Happy Women's Month! 

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