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5 Inspiring Quotes on Aging for Women

Older women are more likely than men to be portrayed in the media as frumpy, unattractive and lonely. But in real life, we know this is not true. We become our best selves with age!


Hidden is here to debunk and break beauty standards. It's time we recognize and end ageism in media + the lingerie industry. Older women are particularly erased in entertainment media. Older male characters in media outnumber older females 2:1. 

In the media, women who are 50+ are 2-4X more likely than men 50+ to be portrayed as frumpy, unfashionable, physically unattractive, lonely, senile and sickly.

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SOURCE: @gdigm 


But in real life, we know this is not true. We become our best selves with age. We learn who we are, what we need and are stronger than ever to go after what we want.


Here are 5 Inspiring Quotes on Aging for Women:


Carrie Fisher Quotes Hidden Intimates


"Men don't age better than women, they're just allowed to age."

- Carrie Fisher



Paulina Porizkova Quotes Hidden Intimates



"There's not that many guys that are smart enough + brave enough to date women their age. We have so many more demands because we know who we are. So I am trying to assemble a new me... who won't give a f***." 

- Paulina Porizkova


Paulina Porizkova Quotes Hidden Intimates 



 "I understand what it takes to make my face wrinkle-free and I don't think it's worth it. Being able to express how I feel, is one of the most wonderful things about my face."

- Paulina Porizkova


Sophie Heawood QUOTES



 "The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they've actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and f***ing furious."

- Sophie Heawood


Tom Petty Quotes


 "If you're not getting older, you're dead."

- Tom Petty


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