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Best Seamless Bras and Underwear

According to popular memes recently, ripping off your mask when you get in the car is the new ripping off your bra when you get home. This made me pause.  Wearing a bra doesn't save lives like wearing a mask... so why have we been putting ourselves through this discomfort on a daily basis, almost our entire lives?  We are not going back to wearing wires in our bra after this.  Because, we've found the perfect replacements: seamless, supportive and soft bralettes.  Here are our favorites.


Phoebe, the Philly-based founder of Okko, realized there was a problem with the underwear out there and interviewed over 100 women to ask them what they wanted - and then delivered with Okko in 2018 with the high quality seamless, invisible underwear and bralettes at a great price.

Both the thong and brief underwear style beautifully under any outfit where invisibility is a must.

Never throw out a pair of underwear too soon again! Dark-colored gusset hides those inevitable period leak stains.

Simple, feminine v-neck style avoids a uniboob. Reinforced back makes you feel secure without being tight.


Yummie is a shapewear brand whose focus has always been to enhance a woman’s body—not to inhibit it uncomfortably. Yummie began with the idea that women deserve to be comfortable, look good, and feel confident—every day, with their collection of modern, everyday, form-flattering shapewear, leggings and intimates.

Wire free, closure free, and sideseam free construction - YUMMIE HAS one of the most comfortable bralettes out there.

This lightweight nylon shaping brief provides the perfect amount of support with light compression and comfortable side-seam free construction. 

This Outlast temperature control fabric regulates your body heat, absorbing it when you're hot and releasing it back to you when you're cold.

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