Leopard Print Summer 2020 Trend Pajama

Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Animal Print?


Why is everyone so obsessed with animal print? Controversial, but classic. Neutral, but a statement. Maybe it's just our animal instinct to love this print so much... but maybe there's more to it.

Animal Print PJ Set with Notch Collar

Leopards are beautiful, powerful and independent animals. They're impossible to domesticate. We admire the leopard - but also fear it. All of this goes into the print - and the woman who wears it. 

People who wear leopard told me they feel beautiful, they feel strong, they feel powerful, they feel sexy.”

- Émilie Régnier, photographer
Leopard Print Lace Mix Bralette + High Waisted Panty Lingerie Set

Animal print has always been a bit controversial. It's a statement. We have seen it worn by royalty and go from high-fashion to low-class over and over again. In the year of 2020, we asked why it's back and more relevant than ever. In a time of women empowerment, "Girl Bosses" and #MeToo - it makes sense.

In all its forms -- sophisticated, luxe, rebellious, sexy -- (the) leopard print makes a statement. It can't be ignored, whether you like it or loathe it. 

- Fierce: The History of Leopard Print
Wolf & Whistle Tracey Pink Leopard Print PJ Set

The pattern designed to help these dangerous animals blend in was one that a woman used to stand out. She's not necessarily saying that she is a predator, but she sure isn't prey."

- Fierce: The History of Leopard Print


Flora Nikrooz Animal Print PJs and Slippers

But the print has never really gone out of style. It can be worn as a neutral - matching with almost anything in your wardrobe. It can be worn as a statement, or just a playful print. Worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs to modern day queens like Beyoncé - it might be making a comeback this year, but this print is here to stay.

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